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Paladin Aerospace is a consulting company established to provide technical guidance and regulatory support to aircraft manufacturers, owners, operators, modifiers and maintainers.  Based in Seattle Washington and incorporated in 1993, Paladin Aerospace has an experienced home staff and network of industry experts to assist in managing our client’s aviation assets.

Professional Services

Our Associates and staff are a multi-national, experienced, respected, and industry-wise group of professionals. We know how to get the answers and provide you with results in a timely manner.

Airworthiness Authority Cooperation

Paladin Aerospace maintains excellent working relations with civil aviation authorities around the world. We recognize the importance in maintaining a global view of this ever-changing industry.

Program Management

Maintenance workscope creation, check and modification surveillance performed by experts in the field of major maintenance and alterations. Paladin offers maintenance and inspection program development and offers several FAA accepted aircraft storage programs.

Technical Inspections

Records and aircraft technical evaluations performed on-site for determination with regulatory compliance. Aircraft technical value and marketplace value determinations also provided.